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WinterShots 03-30-02

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Peak to Peak Highway

Mosquito/Buckskin Gulch

Roxborough, Fog, and Elk, Oh My!

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This page is the archived snapshot of DuPrints.com as it existed before April of 2002. You may browse here to your heart's content or click here to go to the current DuPrints Gallery index.




New pic of the week.



New pic of the week and a new index page WinterShots 03-30-02



Sometimes I'm a little late for work in the mornings - Check out the Pic of the Week! Also I've added a Pic of the Week Archive. See the past pics of the week.



There's a new index page "Winter Shots 1".



I'd like to extend a hearty welcome to visitors of the Mile Hi Craft Fair! The craft fair was a huge success for DuPrints! The resident photographer/engineer managed to have conversations with many people, sell pictures and have a really good time to boot! Thanks for coming and glad you're here. Enjoy browsing and email me with any questions.




Busy preparing images for the upcoming craft fair at Mile Hi Church. It's this Saturday the 1st of December 9am to 5pm.



Updates: A new pic of the week and a few new images for the Featured Images page. Check it out!



Happy Thanksgiving! OK the picture of the day really does need to be named the picture of the week due to it changing weekly rather than daily. . So be it! :)



The "Picture of the Day" will change from time to time...and NOW is the time. Go see it!



What a difference a day makes! Please enjoy your stay and let me know what you think of the new site design! -Steve


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Pic of the Week Archives